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Welcome to Slo Orchids

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Rudy & Anne Bachmann
955 Branch Mill Road
Arroyo Grande
CA 93420




About Us
Our greenhouses are located in San Luis Obispo County, City of Arroyo Grande, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the beautiful California Central Coast. We started growing orchids in 1964, began commercial growing in 1985, and are still learning.

Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction by providing the best quality orchid plants at a very competitive cost. Call us with any questions you may have concerning our orchid offerings, cultural experience or any other orchid related topics of interest to you. If you have any unusual or interesting orchid species that you would like to trade or sell, please us know. Visit our website for new additions as we update our listings weekly.

Website Links - For the most complete listing of orchid suppliers both in the USA and foreign - lots of pictures and it is the Pleurothallid society web site. - To join the American Orchid Society and to use their extensive orchid references - Pictorial species site of over 3400 selections - A non profit, quarterly orchid publication, great pics and articles - Lots of pics comprising species and hybrids

Hours of Operation
We are not a 40-hour per week business therefore an appointment will assure our presence anytime, Monday through Friday.

To order, please use our convenient Shopping Cart. For credit card, fill in the appropriate information on the order form. You can also order by fax, email or US mail. Do not send credit card data via email. We will acknowledge your order and will notify you as to the ship date..

Return Policy
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order, please notify us immediately for a full, unconditional refund. Notification must occur within 5 working days of receipt of plants to process your refund.

Since our catalog has a large selection of items and some are limited quantity, we may occasionally run out of stock. We will not substitute unless you specifically request an alternate choice or a substitution for an equal or greater orchid value.

Discounts & Specials
A 15% discount is offered on orders of $500 excluding monthly specials, shipping & packing costs. Our monthly specials can can be found, on our Orchid Listing under Specials.

We ship on Monday and Tuesday of every week which ensures delivery by Wednesday or Thursday. There is a packing and handling charge of $8 for all orders plus shipping which will be charged at actual cost. California residents please add 8.75% sales tax.For winter shipments we will add heat packs to your order at a cost of $2 per heat pack. Depending on the size of your shipment we will include 1 to 4 heat packs. These charges will be added to your grand total.
We have had good, reliable service with U.S. Postal, 2nd day priority and prefer using them as our carrier.

Orchid Culture
In our orchid descriptions we have included a brief summery of general growing requirements for the selected orchid. Following is a quantitative listing:

Cool night 45-50F day 75F

Intermediate night 55F day 85F
Warm night 60F day 90F
Hot night 65F day 95F

Shady less than 800 footcandles
Partial Shade 800-1800 footcandles
Bright 1800-3000 footcandles
Full Sun 4000+ footcandles

For a more detailed description of orchid culture, please visit or

Water Quality
Having good water quality is the single most important ingredient required to ensure successful orchid growing. This cannot be overstated. At Slo Orchids, we have a reverse osmosis system, which eliminates any concern of salt build up in the potting media. Additionally, we do not have water spots on the leaves and in the hot summer weather we can spray the foliage and still have clean looking plants. Difficult orchids often become easy to grow when pure water is used. If you are not sure what your water quality is, you should get it tested. NEVER USE SOFT WATER FOR ORCHIDS!

Water Frequency
Generally we water all the orchids at one time regardless of genera. In summer, we water 2 to 3 times a week or every other day. If the weather is particularly warm, we will water spray the foliage every day without necessarily attempting to water the media. All watering is completed by 10:00 a.m., especially in the cooler months, to allow the foliage to completely dry out by the end of the day.

We fertilize at half the recommended dilution rate, every other watering that equates to once a week in summer and twice a month in winter. For general growing, we use a balanced 20-20-20 fertilizer with added trace and micro nutrients. For bloom forcing, we use a 10-30-20 or similar high potassium or phosphorus combination. Since we use reverse osmosis water, we have a deficiency of magnesium and sulfur, and therefore do a monthly foliar spray of magnesium sulphate also known as Epsom salt.

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